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Kalyan's guidance and leadership were instrumental in building-up the Continuous Improvement (CI) in my organisation. He has an outcome oriented approach and coupled with his extremely personable style of engagement, the success of consultancy is very apparent in the well-embedded CI culture within my teams. Kalyan is very well respected for his in-depth knowledge and his ability to draw out the best in people.
Head of Shared Services Centre, Malaysia
Many thanks for all your help in making this happen. Your efforts have of course been much appreciated by everyone
CEO,. South East Asia
I very much have you to thank for you guidance, wisdom and pragmatism in this project – I've learnt a lot from you and have really valued working with you over the past 9 months or so on the various challenges that are always cropping up.
Project Director
Many thanks for your assistance in this project. I certainly hope that our paths will cross again in near future.
Regional R&D Director
Kalyan's engaging style and commitment to process excellence allowed for rapid identification of value levers.  The effort involved all aspects of our value chain from Marketing through supply chain and ultimately post sale support.  Throughout the effort, his attention to detail and focus on the key aspects of change management allowed for an accelerated transformation effort.
Process Improvement Director – North America & Asia-pacific, USA
Kalyan is a seasoned practitioner on supply chain re-engineering of processes. His reservoir of past experiences is rich which he puts to good use when required. But beyond skills and experience-wise, Kalyan is a joy to work with. He infects the team with his high level of energy
Regional Supply-chain Strategy Manager, Singapore
Kalyan, It was great to meet you face to face, after having heard so much about you. I think you are having a great impact on the organisation.
Global Vice President, Process Improvement , UK
Kalyan: really appreciate your efforts in getting momentum into the ‘Simplification’ program. Thanks for your support.
Head of Trading Functions – Eastern Hemisphere
Hi Kalyan, I did want to drop you a note regarding this project as I felt that you added a lot of benefit to the review team.  I believe we have achieved a lot in a short period of time and wouldn't have been able to plough through so quickly without your direction and focus. Thanks for your help with this.
Marketing Manager, Australia
You made a difference to the team and I really appreciate your simplistic but realistic approach
Network Strategy Manager – Asia Pacific, Singapore
Kalyan was able to provide simple and clear advice and practical solutions. He had strong detailed operational experience whilst at the same time able to discuss about ‘lean’ at a regional/global level. He was ever ready to provide help and guidance. Kalyan was also able to deliver ‘lean’ training with simple, clear messages, able to capture the audience attention enabling them to understand the principles quickly.“
Network Optimization Manager – Asia Pacific, Malaysia
Kalyan, Its been a pleasure knowing you. My thanks to you for all the work you have done with the Asia pacific team; the benefits of the work that you've done with them is showing thru' the numbers! Look forward to the opportunity of working with you again
Supply-chain Director - Asia Pacific, Singapore
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Kalyan for his valued contribution and professional approach which has enabled us to embed a continuous improvement footprint with major benefits to our business. He has been a significant contributor in many countries and parts of our business assisting us to identify and implement improvement opportunities whilst building capabilities, conducting training programs & workshops whilst mentoring and coaching many projects to completion.
Regional Transformation Manager, Australia
Many thanks Kalyan. I know the team enjoyed working with you, and will miss your contribution greatly.
Regional Director - Operations Development, Asia-Pacific
Kalyan, Thanks a lot for the patience and very good guidance to our team. We appreciate the value and expertise you've shown and shared during the past weeks with us.
Regional Operations Development Manager, Asia-Pacific
Kalyan has been excellent in his interaction with my leadership team and they have really respected his approach and the professional manner in which he undertakes his task.  His level of experience and skill in dealing with really seasoned and experienced members of my team has been exemplary.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with him so far
Site Director, Malaysia
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